What is Global ViOlympic? What is it visions?

Global ViOlympic is an Online Mathematical Contest for participants from 9 to 15 years old from all over the world. The contest was established in order to create an environment for international participants practicing and improving mathematic, language, computer skills and internet skills.

After 7 years of improvement, ViOlympic has brought to the participants not only important but also unique advantages, which are applicable to their daily life and becoming potential opportunities for participants’ future development in international environment. ViOlympic is currently operating with exclusive preferences as the only department to be approved by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). Moreover, we continuously make use of the advanced information-technology foundation of FPT Corporation – the leading technology firm in Vietnam. 

There are more than 90% of students attending general education in Vietnam are members of ViOlympic. We are doing our best to interact directly, usually and responsibly with parents, students and schools among 700 districts throughout the country. By that way, we have created a positive image which attached to our social responsibilities and seeding early talents.

From the beginning, ViOlympic’s passion is to use computer games to simplify and add more fun factors to the learning process of participants. This school year, the Global ViOlympic contest officially release. All students from 9 to 15 years old can join the contest, not just the mathematically gifted. The tests will be under these 4 forms: Arranging, Matching, Multiple choices and Grid-ins. With attractive gameplay and funny animations, Global ViOlympic contest promises to bring both knowledge and joy to contestants.

The plan going forward is to continue to build on and consolidate the existing network of country partners, in order to grow the number of schools and students participating in the contest in other countries and to better support school teachers and co-organizers with better educational materials as well as supporting documents.