Opening schedule for the next rounds

Date Round Content Condition
Jan. 15   Open Self-practice 1  For participants
Participants are required
to finish Self-practice 1 to 4
in this period. Participants
scoring 150/300 points are
approved to the next round
Jan. 29  Open Self-practice 2 
Feb. 5  Open Self-practice 3 
Feb. 19  Open Self-practice 4 
Mar. 11 to Mar. 18 Semi-Final For approved
participants to
compete with the
others from
different countries 
Participants must complete
4 previous self-practice
Participants are given an
exam code to do the test.
Participants scoring 225/300
points are approved to the
International Final.
Mar. 28 to Apr. 3 International Final For qualified
participants to race
to the top of global
Participants with highest rank
in leaderboard will get the prize
from Organizer