Is wisdom Acquired with Age?

Great scholars have had diverged opinion on the acquisition or source of wisdom. Some say that wisdom is acquired with age whilst others think wisdom is a personal installed talent. Here is one unforgettable story I would like you to consider as you make your own judgement on this matter.  The story is entitled Responsibility and reward.



Responsibility and reward:

Two sons work for their father on the family's farm. The younger brother for some years had been given more responsibility and reward whilst the older brother was always given the least of the responsibilities and rewards. This continued for a very long time,


 The older brother felt bad about the treatment and harbored bitterness in his heart. One day the older brother demanded his father to explain why he seems to favour the younger one.


The father apologized to the older brother for the misunderstanding and assured him of his love as the elderly son. The father then requested that his older son goes to Mr. Kelly's farm and enquire if they have any geese for sale, since they needed to add to their stock.


The older brother was extremely happy because he felt he was now in charge. He quickly returns with the answer,

Yes they have five geese they can sell to us.


That father then says, Good, please ask them about the price.


The son returns with the answer, The geese are $10 each.


The father says, Good, now ask if they can deliver the geese tomorrow.


And duly the older son returns with the answer, Yes, they can deliver the geese tomorrow.


The father asks the older brother to wait and listen, and then calls to the younger brother in a nearby field, Go to Mr. Davidson's Farm and enquire if they have any geese for sale , we need to add to our stock.


The younger brother soon returns with the answer, Yes, they have five geese for $10 each, or ten geese for $8 each; and they can deliver them tomorrow. I asked them to deliver the five unless they heard otherwise from us in the next hour. And I agreed that if we want the extra five geese we could buy them at $6 each.


The father turned to the older son, who nodded his head in appreciation. He now realized why his younger brother was given more responsibility and reward.


A lot of times we face the question why someone is so successful and someone is not. Some people call it luck, some people call it being in the right place at the right time and some people call it influence, however the truth is usually Performance and Potential. These ultimately lead to success of any individual.


Do you agree or disagree?