Is FPT meeting Human Resource needs?

In 1986, the Doi Moi Policy initiated at the Sixth Party Congress paved the way for new economic models and encouraging self-motivation and creativity in a new generation – a generation of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs. As a result, many companies, including FPT, which plays an important role in today’s Vietnamese economy, were established.


FPT engaged in computer distribution from the early 90s of the 20th century and quickly became one of the major distributors in the market. However, most of the transactions were small and must be made via a third party due to the US embargo.


In 1999, the pursuit of software exports forced FPT to recognize that it faced a human resources problem. To solve this dilemma, FPT decided to cooperate with Aptech – a leading IT training and education company - to establish two International Programmer Training Centers, one in Hanoi and one in HCMC, both under the name FPT Aptech.


While there were tens of thousands of programmers in the current labor market, most were not adequately skilled in the field of IT, the number of graduates was inadequate and their foreign language skills were poor. In 2003, FPT decided that it would establish a university in order to solve its own HR problem as well as that of Vietnam's IT industry. In September 2006, the FPT University was founded becoming the first licensed cooperate university.


98% of FU students obtain employment within six months of graduation. Their good professional knowledge, foreign language skills, physical and mental health, and especially the rich experience gained in internship programs, have helped FU students find good jobs even before graduation.


Currently, about 17,000 students are enrolled at the FPT high school, college, university, post university, international affiliate courses and the International Student Development Program.


Being listed on the stock market


On December 13th, 2006, FPT stock was listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) with 60,810,230 shares made available with a par value of VND10,000/share. Being the first IT enterprise to be listed, FPT immediately became a blue chip stock. On that first day, FPT shares traded for VND400,000/share. FPT has been one of the top listed companies in terms of market value.


Currently, FPT still maintains a stable trading volume and market liquidity while the dividend paid remains high. With its international standard administration and transparent operations, FPT continues to be highly appreciated by investors at home and abroad. In 2014, FPT was named one of five listed companies with Best Investor Relations by Vietstock.


In June 2014, FPT completed its first M&A deal with an agreement on acquiring RWE IT Slovakia, under RWE, one of the Europe’s leading utility companies. This is the first cross-border M&A deal of FPT in particular and of Vietnamese ICT industry in general. This acquisition gave FPT not only a contract worth tens of millions of dollars but also a new business model named 'bestshore'. With bestshore, FPT can simultaneously use both domestic (offshore) and foreign (nearshore) resources to most efficiently provide services to customers. This deal also affirms the readiness of FPT to take part in global technology projects.