With nearly 8,500 registered participants, Vietnam is the leading country among 28 countries participated in Global ViOlympic 2016.

Within 6 days from the beginning, Global ViOlympic has attracted 28 countries all over the world in 4 continents, including: Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. The Contest attracted 14,396 registered participants, and Vietnam is a leading countries with 8,433 participants so far.

Opening for the first time, Global ViOlympic aims to create an international environment and brings international opportunities for Vietnamese students to compete in a global contest of mathematics. When Vietnamese students have advantages of familiar question forms and how to take the test, international students have advantages of language and the open mindset to approach new matters. Those international students with concrete mathematical knowledge will quickly assert themselves in a place so called Vietnamese students’ home yard.

Reported at 15h January 21st (GMT +7), Global ViOlympic system has recorded more than 8,600 participants have reached high score on the leaderboard, in which 5,192 primary students and 3,453 secondary students. They come from Australia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Mongolia, Russia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and Vietnam.