Do you know that celebration at work is highly recommended?

Most people will agree with me that work doesn't always bring to mind the most festive of thoughts. But taking time out to celebrate can make you a happier and more productive employee whilst having fun. Taking time to celebrate at work is a wonderful way to teach your colleagues how to be happy at work.  VIOlympic is determined to educate students whilst having fun in quiz competitions.

Fewer mistakes are made when friendly environment is created.
People who work under pressure are less effective. It is more likely to make preventable mistakes when working under pressure. During celebrations, unnecessary pressure and stress are eliminated

People easily share and report bad news or good news ahead of time.
Instead of closing their eyes to signs of trouble, in blissful mood, they can freely and easily share relevant information that could propel productivity.


Celebration units team members.
Celebrating together builds camaraderie and creates a more positive environment. It generates the sense of belonging 

Celebrations maintain positive reinforcement.                          
Just because the team fell short of a goal doesn't mean your employees didn't work hard and accomplish other feats in the process.

One moment of Celebrating can significantly effects many.  
Having positive interactions at work widens our thinking. It eliminates drudgery, boredom or frustration from work whilst establishing memories of laughter, personal stories and teamwork.

Celebrations allow leaders to emphasize work-life balance

As the saying goes “ALL work and No play makes Jake a dull boy”


Celebrations reveal your company as a fun place to work at or volunteer for
It encourages workers to deliver at their level best. As they are willing to produce the best performance they can

Celebrations connect your company's story to the outside world.
No one cares about your story more than you do, so you have to be willing to scream it from the top of a mountain.

Build confidence
Being recognized either as an individual or as a collective team allows you to take stock of your unique talents and what it took to overcome the challenges


Celebrations defuse needless confrontations
Like a family arguing in public, it presents an uncomfortable scene. An attitude of celebration can prevent heated moments from flaring into something larger


It has been proven beyond doubt that plenty of entrepreneurs tell tales of burnout, depression, or simply quitting out of sadness and frustration. If their stories don't motivate you to at least occasionally celebrate then nothing else will