Do you know that Universities compete by teaching in English?

There are now almost 8,000 courses being taught in English by leading universities in non-English speaking countries, according to a project mapping their expansion.


The rise of universities teaching in English, rather than their own local language, has become a global phenomenon.


More and more courses are being taught in English language by leading universities in non –English speaking countries. Courses taught in English language seems to be appealing to most international students who travel abroad as well as a preferred option by students staying in their own countries


It has been observed that more than 75% of the top ranked international universities offer at least one or more degrees taught entirely in English.


UK and US has approximately 72,000 different English-taught courses on offer to students from these leading universities.


The Netherlands has the most degrees taught entirely in English on the European mainland, with 12 universities included in this ranking offering a total of over 1,000 courses taught in English.


Germany has 54 top universities in this ranking, with over 835 English-taught courses for international students.


Sweden has 12 universities listed with 550 courses in English


Denmark has 7 universities listed with 482 courses in English


Spain has 27 universities with 426 courses in English.


China has 112 top universities identified with 45 offer one or more English-language degrees

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