You are reading this because you’ve registered in our competition as a participants.


I am writing this on behalf of Global ViOlympic – Mathematics Online Contest. 

You are reading this because you’ve registered in our competition as a participant. 

As the self-practice rounds have been opening for quite a long time and the official competition is about to take place, our system has recognized that we have a large number of competitors from many countries around the world. We have been monitoring the data and glad to say that you and other students from your country stand a big chance to gain high prizes in the competition. You have fought like a champion through out the past few weeks.

However, competitors from some countries are joining the contest as an individual, while Global ViOlympic requires a coordinator – represent for the whole country – to lead and to escort the winning group to Vietnam to attend The Awards Ceremony. 

We will very appreciate if you could help us to nominate a coordinator. This is for your own benefit because we cannot let any winning competitor from other countries to attend the awards ceremony in Vietnam without a coordinator. 

Remember that there will be only one coordinator stands for a country. Please send us the contact information of the person that you want to nominate. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.Thanks for your consideration! 

Best regards, 

Global Board of Organizers