Do you know that dancing is a form of exercise?

Exercise helps your body in different ways. The great news is that a lot of what you like doing probably counts as at least one form of exercise. The four basic types of exercises are stretching, aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and bone strengthening

Movements enhances your body in a lot of ways

  1. Stretching

    Stretches make your muscles more flexible. Stretching increase your ability reach and bend and turn better and easily. Being flexible can help you avoid getting hurt. Stretching exercise include toe touches or side stretches. But other physical activities are great for flexibility. It is interesting to note that we usually stretch in dancing. Most of the dancing moves involves bending and turning hence dancing is considered as the easiest to start kid of exercise. Other kind of stretching exercise apart from dancing are Gymnastics, Yoga, Martial arts etc.

  2. Aerobic activities

    Aerobic activity improves the circulation of blood as it gets your heart pumping and your lungs working harder. Aerobic exercise helps your mind and mood, it may make you sweat too. Aerobic exercise should make up most of the one hour you spend on physical activity every day. aerobic exercise include Cheerleading, gymnastics, aerobics, Fast walking, hiking, jogging,  running, Skateboarding, rollerblading, Biking, House cleaning, yard work, Tennis, hockey, soccer, Basketball, volleyball, Playing tag, jumping rope, Swimming, Dancing to music etc.

  3. Muscle strengthening

    Muscle Strengthening gives you greater power. But you don't need dumbbells. Even climbing on the jungle gym makes you stronger. Increasing muscle strength is often a priority in recovering from a multitude of injury and disease. It is recommended that you do muscle-strengthening activities at least three times a week. Here are some activities that build strong muscles: Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, Gymnastics, cheerleading, Tug-of-war, Running, rowing, climbing, Working out with exercise weights or resistance bands etc.

  4. Bone strengthening

 Bone strengthening exercise helps your bones grow and keeps them strong. You should do these exercises at least three times a week. Bone strengthening activities include Gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis , Jumping rope, hopping, skipping, Hiking, Running etc.


There are all sorts of ways you can get active. You can pick Stretching, aerobics, muscle or bone strengthening exercises.

Remember, you should only feel a slight pulling when stretching your muscles. If you feel intense pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and check in with your doctor or Physical Trainer to ensure you are stretching properly. Why not start out by just dancing to some music? The first step is to just start moving.